Welcome to Notification Board The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR)

Department Of Education- Circulars
Banning of Corporal Punishment in All the Schools 30-8-07 Child Rights Club In All The Schools 23-9-09
Child Saftey and formation of Child Protection Committee in All the Schools. Formation Of Child Rights Club In All The Schools 7-9-2015
New CP Policy Impementation Circular 28-7-2016 Reconstittion of SDMC in all the Primary Schools 25-3-2015
SSA Letter Reg Nclp Children Should Be Enroled To Govt School After The Rescue Immedietley
Department Of Excise- Act Employment of Childrens Banned Section Page
Ban Of All Children Below 18 In Karnataka Excise Act 1965 And Rule- 1967
Department Of Health and Family Welfare- Circulars DOC
Creation of State and District Level Task Force under Universal Immunisation Programme Guidelines for Functioning of Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers
Handbook for Health Workers-Kannada Version IFA Tablet distribution guide line
IFA Tablet to all anganawadi directions Stay in Headquarters
Department Of Labour- Circulars
Child Labour Act Section 17 Officers List and Order Child Labour Case Filing Formats
Filing FIR for Child Labour Cases Poverty Elimination Schemes Prority to all the Child Labourers Families
Department Of Municiple Commissionarate- Circulars
Wall Writings on Child Marriage in all the Marriage Hall,temple,Mutt etc by Municiple Commissiona
Department Of Panchayathraj and Rural Development- Circulars
Appointment Of ASHA Workers for each GPs Elimination Of Child Marriage Grama Panchayath Role
Makkala Grama Sabha 2006 Circular Makkala Grama Sabha 2016 Circular
Makkala Grama Sabhas in all Grama Panchayaths School Enrollment by Grama Panchayath President and Vice presidents Role
Strenthaning ATC in all the Gram Panchayath
Department Of Police- Circulars
Guide line to Control Child Marriages on Akshaya Thrithiya Implementation Of POCSO 2012
Open House in All the Police Stations For Childrens Victim Compensation Scheme
Department Of Revenue- Circulars
Appointed All Village Acountent as Marriage Registration Officer At the Village Level Banning of Empolying Childrens as Labour by the Govt. Officers
Mass Marriage Organising Procedures By Revenue Department
Department Of Women and Child Development- Circulars
Anti Child Labour Day Observation At viilage, GP, Anganawadi level Central Guideline on Child Marriage on Akshaya Thrithiya
Child Marriage Act  is Secular Child Marriage Prohibition Officers Order and List
Convergence Work on to STOP Child Marriages Formation of Anti Trafficckking Committe in all Grama Panchayaths
Formation Of Child Protection Committee in all Educational Institution as per New Child Protection Formation Of Child Protection Committee in All the Grama Panchayaths
Guideline to Control Child Marriage on Akshaya Thrithiya Order on Child Marriage Caution to all printer,pujari etc
Prohibition Of Child Marriage ( Karnataka) Rules 2014 and CMPOs Roles and Responsibilities Reg Adoption starting a THOTTILU in different place
SOP On Post Rescue, Rescue and After Rescue and Rehabilition Process on POCSO Cases SOP on Rescue and Rehabilitation Of Child Marriage Cases
Stoping Child Marrriage Role of DCPU and CWC Vishesha Palana Yojane Circular
Karnataka State Law Department
POCSO Courts list in Karnataka Special Courts Formation Orders In All The Districts